DocuSign is a global eSignature platform used by many to electronically sign all kinds of documents. It provides a rich set of functionalities that allows a user to conduct many kinds of operations, based on preference. Cloudia has built a connector to access the features provided by the DocuSign e-signing service.

To begin using the DocuSign service, a user must have a valid DocuSign account and a collection of envelopes (1 envelope = 1 signature process) that are purchased directly from DocuSign. To purchase envelopes, an engagement with DocuSign is required. It is also possible to receive detailed information and training about the platform from DocuSign. Once the account has been set up, the Cloudia system is configured to create and assign envelopes to a specific user account.

This article is focused to perform E-signature process by DocuSign service. More specific instruction to starting an electronic signature can find here.

Start electronic signing process

Choose signature type in Signatures page.

After that choose DocuSign from E-signature menu.

Add information to Contract party 1 and 2, use two-step authentication if desired (additional function).

Note! Amount of signers/parties is unlimited. Signer's details required: email address (mandatory) and phone number (optional, depending on DocuSign configuration).

Choose contract attachments for electronic signature.

Note! Amount of attachments is unlimited. Maximum size of one attachment is 25 Mbit, maximum size of all attachments is 35 Mbit.

Enable signing order and merge signature documents if desired. After saving 'Lock the contract and start the electronic signing process' button activates and you can start signature process.

Signature process must also be started in DocuSign service. Transfer to service by using link in the window.

Define signature in DocuSign service

On DocuSign service you can define place for signature, date signed etc. to contract document.

From top menu you can change recipients information, that you can define places for each signer.

When document is ready to sign, choose 'SEND' from upper right corner.

Cloudia Contract system informs when signature process is successfully started.

Electronic signing in DocuSign service

Signer receives email request to sign contract, service can be accessed by using button 'Review '.

Contract document opens to signer. Signer can continue to signing by using 'CONTINUE'.

From 'MORE OPTIONS' signer can leave contract to wait for signing by using 'Finish later' function or transfer contract to other signer by 'Change signer' function.

Signing process can be rejected by 'Decline to sign' function.

Signer can sign the contract by clicking assigned place.

When required information are added to document, signer can finish signing process by 'FINISH' button. From the icon on top of the document user can download or print documents.

While Signing has been completed, signer will receive notification to receive documents to email when all signers has sign the contract.

Signers will receive documents via email after signing process has completed successfully.