15th of April 2020 the following new feature was installed as part of the update: 

Please contact to support or sales to turn on the functionality

Allowed file types (ADMIN-feature)

An allowed file type refers to the files that can be uploaded to the system as contracts, attachments and so on.  

Choosing the allowed file types

To begin configuring the settings for allowed file types, click "contract settings" and then "allowed file types" 

  • A table then be presented showing all of the system default file types that allowed. 
  • Columns can be ordered and resized depending on the user’s preference.  

The table contains information about: 

  • the file type
  • including its extension
  • description 
  • whether or not it is a system default type (system defaults cannot be removed from the list).

If the user wishes to prevent a file of a certain type from being uploaded to the system, for example bitmap images, the checkbox beside the file extension is clicked. The changes will be automatically saved.  

Adding the custom file types

  • Custom file types can be added by selecting the appropriate option at the bottom. Once selected the user should enter a mandatory field to determine the file extension that is allowed. This is a 3 or 4 character label that indicates the file type, for example ‘docx’ is used for Microsoft Word documents. 
    • It is important that this is entered accurately. 
    • An optional description can be added by the user to provide more user-friendly information about the file type. 

  • Clicking the save button will then add this to the list of allowed file types. 
  • Custom add file types can be edited or removed by clicking the small menu icon at the end of the table row.



25th of March 2020 were installed new User Interface update


19th of February 2020 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

  • When e-signing a contract the name of the PDF will always match that of the contract document.

  • Improved error messaging is required to inform users about the reason an error has been thrown when logging in to the system. The message will guide the user as to the reason that they cannot get into the system. 

  • It is now possible to modify the title of the Contract Parties clause. Previously the clause title was fixed and could not be edited. The title is edited in the document settings page.



Regarding the yesterdays maintenancebreak, the installation did not include any improvements.