18th of November 2020 the following new improvements and fixes were installed as part of the update: 

Expiring contracts

  • Some modifications have been made to improve the list of expiring contracts on the home page view.
  • Expiring contracts will consider those contracts with an end date, or the end of an option period and are listed by expiration date. Selecting "show all" will list all contracts in chronological order of end date.

PICTURE: From to the listing, the user can filter the search results as desired

Contract number for contract search

  • It is also possible to get a contract number in the search results

FIGURE: From the listing, you can select the items to be listed in the contract search results

Electronic signature signatories

  • Only the signer information previously used by the unit is listed in the electronic signature signer menu

Sharing the contract template

  • The contract template can be shared to the selected person in the settings - contract templates - edit - sharing
    • When a contract template is shared, information about who it is shared on tabs is displayed
      • Waiting for a decision - the contract base has been distributed to the selected person
      • Approved - the person to whom the contract template has been distributed has approved it
      • Rejected - the person to whom the contract was distributed did not accept its distribution

FIGURE: When "Include Header and Footer" is selected, the headers and footers of the shared template are locked to the shared template.

  • The person to whom the contract template is shared must be an administrator or a unit-level administrator in order to be entitled to the contract templates.
  • Once a template has been shared, the shared template can be found in the settings contract templates listing

FIGURE: Once a contract template is shared, it can either be accepted as a new contract template or rejected.

Linked metadata

* additional functionality

  • Metadata value list and value list selection can be linked to other metadata, based on the choices made by a user for the value list
  • When a user selects a specific option from the value list, an additional piece of metadata can be automatically added to the contract
  • This allows administrators to control what metadata is added to the contract, based on the responses of users

For example, user could create metadata that has the values for payment terms, either 21 days, 28 days or ‘Other’

Contact sales for additional information about the benefits of linked metadata

The task of milestone for an external user

* Additional feature

  • External users can now mark tasks as complete and submit comments and attachments to the task

  • An external user receives a message in their e-mail, through which they can access more detailed information about the task. Here, an external user can mark the task as completed and attach any attachments.

Contract folder

Option added to the Conract folder contracts section :

  • Import contract
  • Create contract


UPDATE 26th of October 

This feature is now implemented. So If you want one feature signatory to be possible in your environment, please contact us.

One signer option behind the feature


In the previous installation, functionality was installed that allowed only one signer to start the electronic signature process. With today's installation, this functionality has been changed so that it is not enabled by default for everyone, meaning that in the future users will not be able to accidentally start the electronic signature process with just one signer.


If you want one feature signatory to be possible in your environment, please contact us.


19th of October 2020 the following new improvements and fixes were installed as part of the update: 


Term change to contract parties


The parties


Contract Party 2 is hereinafter referred to in the system as the Contractor B - Counterparty


In the future, Contract Party 1 will be an additional contracting party A - Creator / Importer

If the names of the contracting parties are not modified, they shall appear in the contract document in the form Contracting Party A and Contracting Party B


FIGURE: The terms can also be changed in the future for the contract document in the "document" section.



Approval process


Possibility to add an external user to contract approval process, if the contract type worlflow is on use.  Previously, the user must have been a person with a contract username.

FIGURE: When using the contract type, the contract approval process request also goes to the external approver via email




Export and import products using Excel



It is possible to export and import contract products directly from an excel file.




Added products can be exported directly to Excel


FIGURE: The system generates an Excel contract for products that contains standard product fields





Products can be added via the import file (first download the product export file, add the desired products to the excel file) and select download product import file.


NOTE! Please do not delete existing products from the Excel file, as the system will overwrite existing products with the contents of the imported Excel.



It is possible to add columns to Excel so that the system takes the information from desired the line



The selection is made in this menu. So, if you want to replace the data in the unit price column, for example, so that the unit price is taken from another column, it can be selected here. After selection, the system retrieves the data from this excel column.


NOTE! however, the system columns are fixed. This allows the user to select data from the desired column, in cases that the spreadsheet has different column headers or more columns of data than is allowed by the system This way the user can map the correct data to the correct field used by the system. This does not allow new columns to be added to the product section.


Contract search


In contract search, the possibility to create a basic contract information package from the contract search results, in which case the system creates a zip package for the computer. The zip package contains basic information about the contracts on the pdf-format.


Contract period to the preview


The contract period has been added to the contract preview on the contract folder




16th of September 2020 the following new improvements and fixes were installed as part of the update: 

Contract folder

The following options have been added to the search criteria:

  • Estimated value
  • Deputy person in charge
  • Status

FIGURE: To the contract folder listing is also added the status of the contract folder

The same status options have been added to the contract folder as in the contract

  • Terminated
  • Expired
  • Nullified
  • Closed
  • Archived

Alert settings

To the alert settings is added possibility to reseive system alerts from contracts which waits approval process.

Electronic signature

Signature`s stages

The basic information page signatures section has updated icons according to the different signing stages, so that the user can quickly see what stage the electronic signature is at.

One signatory

Update has been made to the electronic signature, which makes it possible to implement an electronic signature with only one signatory. One signatory can be either a contract party 1 or a contract party 2.

This is possible with all electronic signature methods

Contract files

All files in the contract can also be downloaded with viewing rights from the information section. Previously, downloading a file package was only possible with modification rights in the "status" section of the agreement.

Home page

Clicking on the chart on the front page opens a window where you can see the number and status of your own contracts.

Metadata in alphabetical order

Ability to get metadata in alphabetical order for contracts. When this functionality is turned on, metadata for new contracts is always in alphabetical order, regardless of the order previously set. If you want the metadata for previous contracts to be in alphabetical order as well, please let us know about this need. This must be done retrospectively by product management. This is functionality that needs to be turned on, so if you want this feature to your enviroment, please contact the support.

Other improvements:

  • Contract type added to contract search excel report


03th of July 2020 the following new improvement and fixes were installed as part of the update: 

Possibility add to contract period:

  • Termination period
    • When a termination period is set for a active contract and the contract status is set terminated. The status of the contract changes after the time limit is expired. The status of the contract is on the termination period: active (Termination period active)
  • Warranty period
    • It is possible to set a warranty period for the contract, which starts after the end of the contract. During the warranty period, the status of the contract is: Expired (Warranty period active) 

Small changes to user interface

  • Tabmenu is shown on the left side at searchlist
  • Milestone icon is updated

Import contract

  • The default electronic signature for the imported contract signature has been changed to handwritten by default

Saving the liability report for monitoring

  • By default, contract party liability report are retrieved four times a year (1.1, 1.4, etc.). Made an improvement in the system that saves a new contract party liability report if:
    • the status of the report differs from the previous day's run
    • the most recent document save does not exist
    • the date is a quarter recording
    • the end is before the current time

Search functionality

  • Improvements have been made that the search would be faster


03th of June 2020 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

Improvements to electronic signing 

Contract document settings "edit signatory information"

  • Signature text section will also appear in the contract document if the the electronic signature method is selected
  • No change has been made to this feature, but to recap:
    • When an electronic signature is selected as the signing method for a contract, the text "this document is electronically signed" automatically appears in the contract document before the contract signing process is started. This is because it is not possible to make changes to the contract document after signing, so the text will be added earlier.

The term change

  • The term Avaintec has been changed to Visma

Edit signing party

Editing signer information

  • Saving it`s not possible if the email or phone number is in the wrong format. You will also not be able to save if, for example, an extra space or other unaccompanied characters are left in the e-mail or phone number fields. In the event of an error, the field will turn to red.

Add a signer from the drop-down menu

  • If the organization / company information has been used in the previous electronic signature, the personal information can be found in the drop-down menu. Personal information is added to the drop-down menu when it is first used as an organization / company signatory

Added guidance for the user in the electronic signature process

  • If the signature exceeds the maximum number of attachments allowed, the system will notify the user.
  • An expiration date must be entered for the electronic signature if the expiry date is not set by user. The system will the default value (60 days) as the signature expiration date OBS! the signature link is valid for 60 days (applies only Visma`s service)

Contractor liability report search

  • Status added to search criteria. The search can be performed according to the status of the report

Contract Folder

  • The listing view of the documents added to the contract folder has been changed. The documents are listed under the basic information "Contract folder document (instructions, additional info)".


  • If metadata for a contract were to come under the same name more than once, the system would display the content of the metadata with the same name. From displayed listing, the user can choose which metadata will be used for the contract to be created. However, it is not possible to delete contract-required metadata.

Viewing the confidential contract

  • If the user tries to view a confidential contract, the system will inform the user "No rights! Confidential contract".

Generating the excel report in contract search

  • The generating criteria main contract and the sub-contract added to the contract`s excel report. If the criterias are used possible main / sub-contracts of the contractswill be generated to excel-report.

Contract links

  • Added a link to contract folder and possible parentcontract or subcontract. By clicking the eye-icon or title system will take you to it.


15th of April 2020 the following new feature was installed as part of the update: 

Please contact to support or sales to turn on the functionality

Allowed file types (ADMIN-feature)

An allowed file type refers to the files that can be uploaded to the system as contracts, attachments and so on.  

Choosing the allowed file types

To begin configuring the settings for allowed file types, click "contract settings" and then "allowed file types" 

  • A table then be presented showing all of the system default file types that allowed. 
  • Columns can be ordered and resized depending on the user’s preference.  

The table contains information about: 

  • the file type
  • including its extension
  • description 
  • whether or not it is a system default type (system defaults cannot be removed from the list).

If the user wishes to prevent a file of a certain type from being uploaded to the system, for example bitmap images, the checkbox beside the file extension is clicked. The changes will be automatically saved.  

Adding the custom file types

  • Custom file types can be added by selecting the appropriate option at the bottom. Once selected the user should enter a mandatory field to determine the file extension that is allowed. This is a 3 or 4 character label that indicates the file type, for example ‘docx’ is used for Microsoft Word documents. 
    • It is important that this is entered accurately. 
    • An optional description can be added by the user to provide more user-friendly information about the file type. 

  • Clicking the save button will then add this to the list of allowed file types. 
  • Custom add file types can be edited or removed by clicking the small menu icon at the end of the table row.



25th of March 2020 were installed new User Interface update


19th of February 2020 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

  • When e-signing a contract the name of the PDF will always match that of the contract document.

  • Improved error messaging is required to inform users about the reason an error has been thrown when logging in to the system. The message will guide the user as to the reason that they cannot get into the system. 

  • It is now possible to modify the title of the Contract Parties clause. Previously the clause title was fixed and could not be edited. The title is edited in the document settings page.



Regarding the yesterdays maintenancebreak, the installation did not include any improvements.