Below is the process diagram for handling contracts that can be exported in Word and shared with external parties. When a contract is exported, the responsibility for handling the contract lies outside of the system. At this stage the contract will be locked i.e. none of the contents can be changed on Cloudia’s system.


Note: Once the contract is imported back into the system all clauses will be replaced by those contained in the document.

If the file format other than .docx is imported, this file will be treated as new contract document and it will no longer be possible to modify the terms and conditions. The contract effectively changes into an imported contract. This means that meta data and other content external to the document itself can be modified but not the clauses.

Using the workflow

The workflow process must be activated from the workflow tab when editing a contract type.

When the document conversion workflow is activated, the option to export the document (in either Word or PDF format) will be presented, along with an option to begin the workflow.

Note: the status of the contract cannot be changed until the workflow is complete.

If the green button is selected to start the external review process and lock the contract, dialogue box will be shown to confirm that the process begins and, once clicked, the contract will be locked.

At this stage the contract would be shared and reviewed externally to the Cloudia system. The final version of the document can be imported back into the system by clicking the green import button. This will present the upload option.

  • A warning on the dialogue confirms that the current contract document will be replaced by the one being uploaded. The contract clauses contained in the imported document will replace all the previous content that existed.
  • If the contract was already an imported file to begin with, or the file type is not .docx, the file uploaded here will become the contract document.
  • Version details are captured in the contract history information tab, when viewing a contract in the system.
  • If additional changes are required, or the workflow was started in error, the process can be cancelled.

Upon completion of the workflow, it is possible to start the workflow again or change the contract status.