Using Microsoft Word in Cloudia contract


The goal of Word import is to take the contents of a Word document and add it as a set of terms and conditions on the contract. Notice the following restrictions before importing the word document:

Document structure

In order for the import of Microsoft word documents to work, each clause heading must have a heading level associated with it. Heading levels can be set from within Microsoft Word by selecting the options from the ribbon.

The heading level will determine clauses and subclauses. For example, heading level 1 will always be the parent clauses, heading level 2 a subclause, with heading level 3 a sub-subclause and so on. The following example shows how this might look in a document.

NOTE: If no styles are applied, each individual paragraph is treated as a new segment. No headings will be added and will have to be edited in the system later.

Importing a document as contract clauses

Content can be in imported directly into a contract from a Word document by selecting the appropriate option when editing a contract.

When selected, a file upload dialogue will appear, along with three options that determine how the document will be affected:

  • Replace the contract clauses with imported document.
    • All content will be replaced by that which is imported.
  • Add the imported content to the existing contract causes
    • The information taken from the Word document will be appended as additional clauses.
  • Add only new clauses found in the imported document
    • Only clauses found in the document with a title that does not match any of the existing clauses will be added.

Note: when information is imported from Word the contract is automatically saved as part of the process.

When added to a document the clauses will appear in the system with the titles automatically assigned.

The system will automatically recognize tables and pictures and assign them the same data type in the system.

Importing document as a contract

A contract can be created based on a Word document by selecting the import option from the upper menu.

When this option is selected, the normal actions for setting up a contract will be carried out (set the type and template, etc.), following which the document will be uploaded to the server. When the contract has been set up, the content of the document can be found from the Terms and conditions tab.

Exporting a Word document

Documents that have been developed in the system can be exported in MS Word format.

To begin select the document tab, on the contract edit view. Then select the option to download as a Word document.

The dialogue box will be shown to save the document.

After document has been exported, it is possible to make changes on the Word document and reimport it.