It is possible to view milestones and tasks for a set of contracts in one place. The view can be found from the Monitoring tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen. 

When opened the list of tasks and milestones in chronological order will be displayed. Quick filters are provided to list those filters due within a certain time period or to filter out all tasks assigned to the current user.

It is possible to assign a single milestone to multiple contracts. This can be done by selecting the "Assign milestone to multiple contract" button above the filters. When clicked a prompt will be shown to create a new milestone or one from the library. Once clicked the usual options will appear to create a milestone, however it will also be possible to assign the milestone to a group of contracts based on a selection made.

The table view lists all of the tasks and milestones related to an organisation. Icons are coloured green if an action is complete or there is content to view. A link is also provided to the contract that the milestone or task is associated with.

The view shows the type of item listed (flag for a milestone and a paper plane for a task) and the name of the milestone or task. The green tick Red Cross indicates if the task/milestone has been completed and hovering the mouse over the small i-icon will show the description information. Also shown is the due date, the person in charge and the contract that the task milestone relates to. Clicking on the contract name will take you directly to milestones page for that contract. 

It is also possible to search for reminders or tasks based on specific search terms, date ranges or users who are in charge. Entering text in the search field will return any task milestone that matches the search terms. Date ranges can be custom, or a quick filter can be used (see below).


The list can also be filtered to show all results of or filter out milestones or tasks. Adding a user will show those items that are assigned to a specific person. When clicked, the “Show the last“ checkbox will include those events that have already passed in the search results.