When viewing a contract, milestones can be accessed by selecting the Events option from the menu on the left. The timeline for the contract is then shown and displays all the milestones/tasks associated with a contract. 

The timeline segments are divided into months. If milestone due date or a task due date occurs during a month, it will be shown on the timeline. 

If a milestone due date occurs during that month, a square will appear 

If a task is due, the timeline will show a small marker.  

NOTE: if task and a milestone is due on the same month then the square will be shown.

If there are no tasks and milestones due in the month then the timeline section will appear empty.

Clicking on a month will show a preview of the tasks or milestones that are due that month along with the due date. Detailed information about the tasks and milestones are shown below the timeline view. 

By default, the events are grouped by milestones in chronological order, but this can be changed to group by tasks only (by selecting the appropriate radio button).

More information about a milestone can be shown by clicking the small arrow beside the milestone name. This reveals information about the milestone and its associated tasks (if any). 

Here tasks can be marked complete, if the user has the appropriate rights. The progress bar automatically updates when a task has been checked. The due date and description (found by hovering the mouse over the small i- icon) are also shown for each task.

When the checkbox for a task is selected the user is prompted to enter a comment regarding the task. This is an optional field can be updated or added later. The speech bubble for a comment will turn green if one has been added.

To add or view an attachment for a task, the small paperclip icon can be clicked. 

If a task has a description, the small ‘i’ icon will be coloured green. Hovering over it will display the description.

Selecting the contract tasks filter will list all tasks in chronological order. Tasks can be marked as complete and attachments viewed or uploaded also from this view.