It is possible to store a series of predefined milestones in the library. This means that milestones and tasks can be created once and then applied to contracts when needed. For example, if the same set of tasks are required at the beginning of every contract period then is standard milestone can be created for this purpose.

The Milestones library can be accessed from the Monitoring menu at the top of the user interface. Once selected this will open a search list view showing all of the library’s milestones.

To begin creating a milestone, the ‘Create new milestone’ button is selected.

This will open the pop-up dialogue box for creating a milestone in the library. This example below shows how a milestone for the actions required at the end of contracts period could be created as a library item. Has three tasks, each of which have a description.

Note: it is not possible to set due dates for milestones and tasks when creating them in the library. This is because they can be added to a contract at any time, meaning that the dates must be relative to the contract and configured when they are added.

When adding milestones to a contract it is possible to add them from the library by selecting the option ‘Add from library’ whenever it appears. This will display a list of the milestones that have been created in the library, from which an option can be selected.

Selecting an option will load the milestone name and list of tasks. The due dates for both the milestone and tasks must now be configured, along with the users who are responsible for a task.