An organisation structure is created in Use Management that may include any number of freely named units and subunits. Each user is assigned to an organisation unit that becomes the user’s home unit. The desired user roles for each service available to the organisation are assigned to the user. 


NOTE! When the units are named, special attention should be paid in ensuring that they can be easily distinguished from one other. Naming several units so that they will start with the same word will increase the possibility for confusion. 


For instructions on how to create and edit user roles, click here. 

Creating an organisation structure 

  • The administrator of User Management logs in to the system with a username that was pre-created by Cloudia system maintenance when the first application was ordered. 

  • A unit structure of the desired kind is created for the organisation 

  • The created units and subunits are listed in the organisation tree. 


Create a new unit: 

  • Click ‘Add organisation unit’ 

  • On the ‘Basic information’ tab in window that appears, enter the name, e-mail and description of the unit

  • On the ‘Select upper level’ tab, select the unit under which the new unit will be set up

  • Click ‘Save’ 

FIGURE: Adding a new organisation unit 


The created units and subunits are listed in the organisation tree to the left of User Management. The following actions can be carried out under each unit: 

  • Add new user to the unit 

    • For more detailed instructions on how to create new users, click here. 

  • Edit the unit information 

    • You can edit both the unit basic information and the unit level 

  • Edit the unit’s contact information 

    • See below for instructions 

  • Delete the unit 

    • You can delete the unit if it has no users 

    • NOTE: The unit will be deleted permanently and cannot be restored 

FIGURE: Every unit in the organisation structure has a functions menu showing a different set of options. 


Add contact information for the unit 


From the functions menu of the desired unit, select ‘Contact information’. 

  • Add the new contact information 

    • Enter the address details in the resulting fields, and then click ‘Save’ 

NOTE! If you add several pieces of contact information, you can select one of them as the default contact information for the unit 

  • For each contact information, you can: 

    • Edit the existing information 

    • Copy the created contact information 

    • Delete the created contact information 

    • Set the created contact information as default for the unit 

FIGURE: In the ‘Contact information’ window, you can create contact information for the unit and edit the existing contact information.