18th of December 2019 the following new feature was installed as part of the update:

Electronic signature

- Added a noti in the system if the electronic signature phone number is misspelled. The phone number should be in the  form +358501234567 or 0401234567


19th of November 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

- Indent function can be implemented when creating new contract
- Metadata can be attached to files in the file library
- All notifications can be muted with one click in the Notifications-tab
- Searching contracts with date has been improved
- Viewing of Tilaajavastuu-information has been improved
- The process of electroning signing has been improved when uploading large attachments
- Dropdown menu has been added to help selecting contract party
- Confidential parts can be added to contract templates

22nd of October 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

The contract's status can now be added to the report
- The English term "Non-repudiation document" has been translated in to Finnish "Sähköisen allekirjoituksen asiakirja"
- The Desktop view for an open-ended contract has been improved
- Searching for contracts electronically signed has been improved
- Access to comment rounds now require e-mail verification


26th of September 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

Contract folders can be searched by reference number

A user can add a reference number to a contract folder   In the contract search you can search for the folder using the reference number.

Update for DoguSign users

At the end of the signing process, the system merges all documents into a single file, which includes signing process details.

Other news

  • Improvements have been made to the alerts for informing users about a supplier's invalid liability report. In some cases email messages or alerts have not gone to the person who should receive them

28th August 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

Editing user rights for contract trough contract cart

With the contract cart it is possible to change deputy and person(s) in charge, reading rights and also editing rights for multiple contracts

Automatically generated numbering

The organization can define the contract numbering method which is then used to automatically number new contracts. The user has a possibility to edit the contract numbering manually, if needed. The format of the contract numbering method is enabled by Cloudia’s product development team, so please contact the support if you are interested.

Contract template description

The administrator can add a description for contract template, where the user can be given instructions for using the template. When creating new contract template, the added description is found under an info-icon beside the contract name (in edit mode).


Other new features

  • The following information is available for reporting: contract parties and deputy persons of charge
  • When importing phrases from the phrase library to a contract, multiple phrases can be selected and each phrase starts on a new line


17th July 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

Electronic signature - Download attachments after the e-signature process 

In new Avaintec's e-signature it is able to send contract attachments and electronic signature summary to signing parties after the e-signature process is completed. While starting the new e-signature process, you can edit the default message and choose "Send e-signature process' documents to contract parties" while system will send e-mail to all signing parties after process is completed. The e-mail contains link where signing parties can download electronic signature summary and contract attachments to own desktop.

NOTICE: Link will be valid only 5 days after signature and attachments can be download just once.

Electronic signature - Remind signatories

You can remind signing parties by choosing "Remind signatories" -function which will send reminder to current signatory, if signatory has not already signed the contract by the end of the day. Reminder will be send once a day every day until signature is made or signature process ends or is canceled. Avaintec's new e-signature service's e-mail reminder will also include link to signature.

Contract folder's notification to Desktop

Contract folder's notification is possible to publish to Desktop. Choose contract folder and create a new notification. Add Desktop to notification's publishing targets and place notification active. When there is active contracts under contract folder and notification is active, the notification will show in contract folder's contracts on the desktop.

Liability details

Alternatively you can bypass liability check by removing selection "Contract party 2 liability check enabled".

Other new features

  • Improved contract search table view's visuality and browsing. Table view opens per page basis and from bottom of the view page can be changed.
  • From dynamic purchasing system can be created contract folder *This relates to integration with Cloudia Sourcing
  • Sender's name in Cloudia Contract's e-mails is name of the sending organisation instead of noreply@cloudia which it was before. E-mails are still sended from address noreply@cloudia.fi.


19th June 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

New Avaintec electronic signature

The Avaintec electronic signature service has been reformed to make the process even more flexible. Please note that there are two alternative ways to sign a contract through Avaintec until Septemeber. In the future this new Avaintec service will replace the old service. Instructions in English will be published later this month. Finnish instructions can be found here

The following changes are included in the new signature service: 

  • You can add several signing parties as contract party 1 and 2. There can be up to 10 signers on each contract. 
  • The invitations to sign a contract are sent simultaniously to all the signers. Alternatively you can set a signing order if needed. This means that the first signer for Contract Party 2 will start the process and, once they have finished the signing, the signing invitation will be sent to the second signer for Contract Party 2 (if specified) and so on before proceeding to the signers listed for Contract Party 1.
  • It is now possible to set a deadline for the signing process and also add a customised message to the esignature invitation e-mail.
  • The signing process requires a name, email address and phone number for each signer. Both email and telephone number are required to authenticate a user when signing into the service. When the signer clicks the link received in the esignature email, they will be requested to enter their email address in the form that opens in the browser. When the user then clicks the mobile phone icon, the system will send a passcode as a text message to the mobile phone number specified above (i.e. by the user of Cloudia Contract). The passcode sent to the signer’s mobile phone is then entered. This dual authentication is used to avoid possible abuse of the system.

    IMAGE: Authentication to the signing service is done with your e-mail address and a passcode send as a text message to your mobile phone. 

The history of all signature processes can be found from History -tab under Electronic signature history. 

Rich text format

* Customer testing - contact support

You can now test and try out the RTF functionality in Terms and Conditions. With the rich text format you can edit the text size, change the text to bold, italic, underlined, strike through, or add colours, indentations or bulletin- or numberlists. In case you are interested in this possibility, please contact Cloudia customer support and we will provide you with instructions for the testing. 

IMAGE: Adding text formatting to Terms & Conditions

Monitoring - Dashboard

Dashboard widgets have been added to Monitoring menu. Navigate to Monitoring menu and choose Dashboard and you will find four different widgets. 

  • Contract statuses
  • Predicted values/unit
  • Persons in charge of contracts
  • My reminders

Widgets can be filtered from the pen. The Dashboard is only visible to people with user rights to edit contracts (administrator, unit administrator or contract responsible).  

IMAGE: Dashboard can be opened from the monitoring -menu.

Changes to contract search

Now its easier to search for contracts from a certain time period. You can define whether to search for contracts starting/ending during a certain time period. The time period can be picked up from the drop down menu or set separately. There different time settings in the dropdown menu but also a possibility to set your own date range. You can also decide whether to include option periods or not. 

IMAGE: In the image the search is for contracts which have ended within the past 12 months. Kuvassa haetaan viimeisen 12 kuukauden aikana päättyneitä sopimuksia 

  • It is now possible to search for contracts based on the signaturetype used on the contract (normal manual signature, Docusign, Avaintec)
  • Active option period is indicated with an asterix on the basic information page of the contract
  • Modifications to contract party address information have been made. Street addess, postal code and town are now in separate fields. 
  • The name of a contract template is now visible when modifying a template
  • The Terms and Conditions titles have been banded to the body text in order to prevent orphan title lines on contract document

  • Removed the contract link from reminder emails to external receipients


22nd May 2019  the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

Quick save button

Now when you start editing the content of a contract the save option will appear and it will remain visible until you save the changes. The button 'floats' i.e it is constantly in view until the user saves the changes. Now you can save your changes and continue working without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.  


Table view

You can now switch to a tabular view of contract search information. Contract listings are presented in a table format with the following information: contract identifier, name of contract, status, start and end date, person in charge and contract party 2. You can also select which columns are displayed in the table view. 

  • You can now preview the layout of the document footers added to the Document footers library from the pdf icon
  • The "In progress" status -name has been changed to "Draft"
  • The following notification has been added to the Document -tab: "The document can be customised by editing these fields. The default values are shown in the form and can be overridden by editing the fields. The document can only be edited while "Draft" state. Save the contract to update the preview."
  • When transferring documents between Tendering/Sourcing and Contract it is now possible to see further information about the document; who has created and edited the file.


24th April 2019  the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

Manage the contract lifecycle with milestones 

* Please contact Cloudia support to activate the feature

Typically, contracts define the transfer of goods or services over a period of time and include dates and schedules. The milestones feature is designed to help monitor the progress of contracts by keeping track of the key events that occur in a contract’s lifetime. A milestone can simply be a reminder about a specific event or comprise a series of tasks that need to be completed by a certain date. 

The milestones feature is intended as a direct replacement for tasks and task lists. Existing tasks are backwards compatible with the milestones feature, which means that they can be transferred i.e. no information will be lost.

Users will have an opportunity to become familiar with the milestones feature until September 2019, when current tasks and task list will be disabled. Support will be provided to help the transition. 

Instructions for the feature can be found here

Create contracts using Microsoft Word 

Many contracts are authored using Microsoft Word, which is the most popular word processing application in the world. Now it will be possible to work seamlessly with Cloudia Contract and Microsoft Word through the import and exports of documents in the system. Clauses are automatically recognised and assigned to a contract. Images and tables are also recognised and added as contract clauses.

User guides for this feature will be provided during this month. 

A contract can be created based on a Word document by selecting the import option from the upper menu. When this option is selected, the normal steps are followed to initialise the contract (set the type etc), and a document is uploaded. Once the contract is initialised, the contents of the document can be found from the Terms & Conditions tab. 

Content can also be in imported directly into an existing contract from a Word document by selecting the appropriate option when editing a contract. User can choose whether to replace all existing clauses with the imported document, add the imported contect to the existing contract clauses or add only new clauses found in the imported document. 

Documents that have been developed in the system can be exported in MS Word format. After the document has been exported, it is possible to make changes on the Word document and reimport it. To begin select the document tab, on the contract edit view. Then select the option to download as a Word document.

Export workflow

It is now possible to activate a workflow process to a certain contract type that all the contracts within that type will be finilized outside the system. 



You can now choose which alerts you wish to receive by email or in the system. All alerts are on by default, but from the user profile button you can set your own alert settings. 

Changes in the Liability check 

Now you can check the liability details already when inserting the contract party 2 information. If the supplier information is found from the database the system will retrieve the details automatically after saving the contract. You can also refresh the liability report, download it or save is as a contract attachment. The system will also save the report to the history tab of the contract. 

The installation also included the following new features:

  • Reminder e-mails will be send as a batch e-mail during the night
  • Value allocation for option years

  • Contract free text search finds also links

  • Default value for reading rights for created contracts set as the organisation unit only * additional feature 

  • Text retrieved from Sourcing will not overwrite the text in the terms and conditions * refers to Sourcing integration

Cloudia Dashboard

  • A possibility to create an order to Cloudia Order from a contract *requires Cloudia Order

20th March, 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update: 

User management UI update

The user management user interface has been updated as part of the update. In addition also the management of user accounts has been slightly changed. For more detailed instruction about user management see the instructions. As part of the update it is now possible to set a user or organisation specific default language for all Cloudia services. 

On the new front page you can see your own profile details, username, organisation, unit and all roles granted for Cloudias services. In addition you can change your basic informtaion or password and check the administrator users in your organisation. 

Description -field for metadatas

It is now possible to add a description also for metadatas. In the description field the administrator can give instructions for contract responsibles on how to use a certain metadata. The same functionalitys is already found from terms and conditions. The text given for a certain metadata can be open from the description button. 

Also when you are searching for a metadata from the library, the description field is visible:

Contract approval process

You can now add a user group as the contract approver. In Cloudia Contract you can add a workflow for an approval process to a contract type. This means that the contracts with that type have to be approved by the chosen person/people before signing the contract. Now you can also add a user group as approvers. Please find further instructions for workflows from here

Contract identifier in header

A possibility to include the contract identifier on the contract document. To include the contract identifier on the contract pdf document navigate to the document -section of the contract and choose "include contract identifier in header". 

  • Fixed the UI texts on the contractor liability chech functionality


20th February, 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

  • When creating a contract and selecting a contract template, the list will show person in charge of the template  (#41948) 
  • In the contract search it is possible to search for contracts with the esignature date. This feature has been modified so that you can search for contracts with manual signature and also the search can be done with a daterange. 
  • Added the possibility to refersh and download the contractor liability report. 
  • Fixed the numbering of Terms and conditions
  • Fixed the comment round. External users had difficulties downloading the contract document


30th January, 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

New esignature process

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the new electronic signing service will not be included as part of today’s release. We apologise unreservedly for this and continue to work hard to ensure that any feature released meets our stringent quality requirements.

Attachment folders

It is now possible to arrange contract and other attachments inside folders and subfolders. Attachments can now be arranged so they can be easily categorised or found. Folders always appear before files and both folders and files are listed in the order they are added i.e. the 1st added folder will always appear at the top of the list of folders and likewise with files. There is no limit to the amount of folders or subfolders that can be created

Ordering functionality in popups

It is now possible to order lists from additional dialogue boxes by selecting the ordering from a drop-down box. This enables a user to order a list in different ways to quickly identify the required item. The ordering functionality can be found when adding templates to a contract, segments to a contract, meta data to a contract and content from the phrase library. 

The installation also included the following fixes:

  • Fixed a problem with adding a supplier to contract (#44862)


9th January, 2019 the following new features were installed as part of the update:

  • Added a description field for Terms and Conditions and metadata. When creating a metadata or terms and conditions you can add a description in which you can tell users how to use that particular field when creating contracts. 
  • Automated storing of Tilaajavastuu reports. The system will store tilaajavastuureport from each supplier once a quarter. You can download a compressed file with all the reports from the contract basic information page. 
  • The claim type description is now accesible at all stages of the claim. 
  • Added a possibility to search contracts by by e-signature date
  • Added a possibility to inherit the contract case description to contracts created under the contract case
  • Added possibility to download a excel report with all the commission sales that have resulted in transfer error due to incorrect supplier information. * related to commission sales

The installation also included the following fixes:

  • Fixed the contract report columns language to match the UI language
  • Fixed a problem when changing the contract party on contract basic information