* Functionality subject to a separate order

This functionality allows you to sort the information stored in the system in three different categories:  

  • Contains public personal data 
    • This information has been marked as containing personal data, but the data concerned can be viewed by all those who have read access to the contact concerned. 
  • Contains confidential personal data 
    • This information has been marked as containing personal data and is only displayed for the person responsible for the contract concerned. 
  • Contains identification number 
    • The field contains the personal identity code of the individual concerned and is only displayed for the persons responsible for the contract concerned.

Marking a piece of information as confidential 

When information in a contract is marked as confidential, a menu is displayed in which the following options are available for selection: 

  • Contains public personal data 
    • No other information needs to be entered 
  • Contains confidential personal data 
    • Add the reason for confidentiality by entering it directly in the field or by selecting a reason from the phrase library 
  • Contains identification number 
    • The section of the Personal Data Act under which the data concerned must be kept confidential is automatically added in the reasons for confidentiality. The reason may be edited if necessary.  
  • ‘Normal confidentiality’ feature. The data does not contain any personal data, but it must be kept confidential for some other reason.  


Select one or several of the options. However, the reason for confidentiality should only be entered once.

Normal confidentiality entry can be done also in 'Status' page. Reason for confidentiality is mandatory information.

Information marked as confidential 

The following information can be marked as containing personal data: 

  • Contract 

NOTE! The contract name can be marked as only containing public personal data.  A contract name may not contain confidential information.

  • Contract description 
    • Mark as confidential by clicking the lock icon 
  • Contract parties; supplier and client 
    • At the end of the row, click the three lines button and select ‘Personal data settings’ 
  • Attachments 
    • At the end of the row, click the three lines button and select ‘Confidential’ 
      • The personal data included in the attachment can be entered in the ‘Personal data included in the attachment’ field below the reason for confidentiality so that the attachment concerned need not be opened to determine the personal data it contains

  • Metadata
    • Click ‘Confidentiality’ to mark as confidential

  • Terms and conditions  
    • From the drop-down menu 'Options', select ‘Confidentiality’

Items that are marked as confidential are indicated by the lock icon

  • A half-closed lock means that the contract description contains public personal data

  • A fully closed lock means that the contract description contains confidential information

Viewing of contract details

A lock and the reason for confidentiality are shown next to confidential contract segments for persons who are not authorized to view personal data.

The reason for confidentiality will be printed on the confidential sections of a PDF document:

Searching for and reporting personal data

System administrators have the option of searching for personal data for reporting purposes using a separate functionality. This is done by selecting ‘Search for personal data’ from the contracts search menu. When the search view concerned is accessed, a listing of all personal data entered in the system is displayed.

The search listing displays the data under the following categories:

  • Type:
    • Contract section where the personal data concerned is located (e.g. attachment, supplier, metadata, contract segment)
  • Name/Title:
    • Name of the section where the personal data was added (e.g. name of a contract segment)
  • Contract
    • Name of the contract concerned
  • Contract number
    • Number of the contract concerned
  • Personal data
    • The personal data shown in the section concerned

The search feature can be used for retrieving more specific information.

An Excel report can be generated from the search results by clicking ‘Generate report’.