The purpose of the alerts feature is to enable a user to view key events that occur when using Contract. An alert is something that is generated automatically by the system for the same reason than email will be sent to a user.

The following table outlines the events that trigger an alert/email.




Custom reminders
User defined
This provides the same functionality as the current system of reminders

Comment round invitation sent
To inform internal or external parties that they have been invited to comment on a contract
Comment round new comments sent
Alert to highlight that comments have been received.
Contract status changes
Contract activated
Contract archived
Contract closed
Contract discharged
Contract expired
Contract in progress
Contract terminated
Alert to inform that the status of a contract has been changed.
E-signature completed
E-signature rejected
Inform relevant parties of the signature status
Contract content changes
Failed reliability check
Alert generated when a company fails a check.
Option periods
Option decision notification

Reclamation message drafts saved

Reclamation message sent

Reclamation proposal sent


A user’s alerts can be accessed from the appropriate icon on the home screen or from the taskbar at the top of the application.

When clicked a new window will appear on the right-hand side of the application listing all the alerts that are associated with a given user. As new alerts are generated the counter will update to show the change.

Alerts are grouped into categories depending on the trigger event. Click on the category name or the small arrow to expand the list and see the alerts associated with a given category.

The list displayed shows each alert generated, along with a timestamp. In the example above three contracts have had their states moved to ‘expired’. When the alert link is clicked, the user is taken to the specified contract and the section associated with the alert. For example, if the alert relates to comments then the user will be directly taken to the comments section of a contract.

In the case that a user sets a reminder, an alert will be generated that includes function to read the message associated with the reminder. This can be accessed by clicking the appropriate button on the alert pane. This will result in a pop-up being displayed with the message contents.

Alerts remain in the list until they are removed by the user. Alerts can be cleared individually by clicking the small cross beside the alert. Alternatively, a whole group of alerts can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon.

When deleting a group of alerts, a confirmation message will appear to confirm the operation. When an alert or a group alerts are deleted, the counter on the bell icon you will update to reflect the change.

Additionally, a user may find the alerts associated with a specific contract by clicking on the bell icon found in the contract listing window.

Searching for alerts

It is possible to search for contracts that have alerts associated with them by clicking the checkbox on the contract search tool, located on the left-hand side

The result of performing a search this checkbox checked will list all contracts that have one or many alerts associated with them.