4th December 2018, the following new features were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Sopimus

Image as Terms and Conditions

It's now possible to add an image as a terms and conditions. When you add a new terms and conditions, choose type as image and the upload button appears. Choose the image and save it to the terms and conditions. When the image has been loaded to the terms and conditions, you can change the size by scaling it smaller or larger. 

Reminder email for commentors

It's now possible to send a reminder email from the system to the comment round commentors so they remember to go and comment on the contract. 

User rights for contract folders created via Sourcing integration 

* related to Sourcing integration

When you create a contract folder through the sourcing integration, the editing rightsfor the contract folder will be set for the user's unit. This will help organisations that need to use transfercredentials for Sourcing integration so that they will be able to change the contract responsible as the correct person.  (#26420)  

Search can be made with several contract parties

It is now possible to make searches with several contract parties. Choose the advanced search and then contract party. You can add multiple contract parties to the search field. Search will find all contracts with at least one of the contract party (#35475) 

Contract owner history

A new section called owner history has been added to the contract history section of the contract. In the section you can see who has created the contract and who have been the contract responsible persons. The information shows also who made the contract responsible change. 

Also the following changes were made:

  • When adding metadata to a contract, it's now possible to search metadatas in all languages and add them to the contract regardless of the contract language. Hence the language restrictions have been removed from the system. 
  • Changed the reminderemail formatting 

Cloudia Dashboard

  • the product-tab on contract has been added a scroll bar, so you can scroll the view sideways.

The installation also included the following fixes:

  • Fixed an incident regarding editing contractremplate (#41941)


30th October, the following new features were installed as part of the update:

Changes to the revision proposal

The creation of a revision proposal can now be started directly from the contract listing using the functions button of the contract concerned:

The update also included changes to the visual outlook of a revision proposal. When a change to, or removal of, specific terms and conditions is proposed, this selection is now made below the terms and conditions concerned:

When any terms and conditions have been changed, the proposed change is shown next to the original wording, and if any comments have been made on the revision proposal, the comment bubble is shown white:

The accept and reject buttons of the revision proposal are now more clearly displayed.

For more detailed instructions on how to create a revision proposal, see the article Create revision proposal

Document package

Contract documents can now be packaged and downloaded on the user’s computer as a single ZIP package. In the edit contract mode, under ‘Status and signature’, the function ‘Compress contract files for download’ can be selected to have the system generate a ZIP package of the documents for the user to download on their computer.

  • The contract cart now includes the option of adding a contract attachment or other attachment en masse to several contracts
  • A task list can now be added to expired contracts
  • An additional information button has been added to the confidentiality of personal data functionality. The additional information button opens more detailed instructions on the confidentiality of personal data (#35008) * relates to the confidentiality of personal data functionality
  • Users can now order the comments of a comment round as a summary in their e-mail. The summary message is received three times a day if comments have been received on the contract. If the option concerned is not enabled when a comment round is created, a separate e-mail will be sent for each comment received.

The installation also included the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the language of metadata prevented saving the contract. This issue occurred when the contract was started with a language different from the metadata populated according to contract type; this metadata will be omitted when the contract is created


27th September, The following new features were installed as part of the update:

* Related to additional feature

  • Several UI changes have been made to the system. UI changes are related to an upgrade of the user interface components. UI changes are listed below: 
    • Search functionality for the contract settings has been made simpler 
    • Editing file properties in the file library properties open into a pop up
    • Terms and conditions and metadata valuelist choices show up in a dropdown list
    • Terms and conditions and metadata valuelist choices are added from the edit button - add selection
    • Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterix
    • When creating a group of Terms and conditions, unit field had been changed above the name of the group
  • Preview of the contract opens by clicking the buttons contract document or public document

  • There has been a change to the contract report functionality. You can set the report to generate and keep on working. When report is ready to be downloaded, the system will notify you and you can download the report from the download icon:

  • It is now possible to specify the contract type when transferring contracts from one environment to another.

  • When importing contracts it is now possible to apply confidentiality and/or personal data classifications to the import document.

  • Added flexibility for defining edit and read permissions. The system now provides better information about the impact of changing reading and editing rights for groups of users. When a user has editing rights it automatically means they can also read contracts. The system will now for any impact made when changing these rights i.e. the user will lose their editing privileges if their assigned reading rights only.

  • The default value for those users who have reading rights to a contract can now be set to "organization unit Only" * additional feature available upon request

  • An email and alert are now provided when a user is removed as the responsible person for a contract by the system administrator (34880)

The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Fixed the electronic signature attachments so that the scandic marks, two dots or special characters in the attachment name won't stop the signature process * related to esignature
  • Fixed the updating of the contract document attachment in the esignature (35909) * related to esignature
  • Fixed the link design in the esignature email (35919) * related to esignature
  • Fixed the link in reminder email
  • Fixed the saving of products which have been brought via Cloudia Sourcing. 
  • Fixed a problem with one specific contract and the its comments


  • Fixed the contract identifier and contract number to refer correctly on the Dashboard (36930)


9th August, 2018 The following new features were installed as part of the update:

Inverted Search

The possibility to invert contract searches has been added to the system. When inverting a search the result will show the opposite of the options selected in the search pane i.e. it returns all the contracts without the defined properties. This means that you can use the search to, for example, find all the contracts that do not belong to a certain user or to find contracts that are missing a certain metadata. See some examples from here

Store contractor liability report to history section

* Contractor liability integration is available upon order

Contractor liability integration has been improved so that you can now store the contractor liability reports in the system and find them from the History tab. Storing reports can be done from the contract information page.

Also the following new functionalities were added: 

  • A possibility to publish the option document to the desktop. When the contract has the option period active and an option document attached, the option decision document can be published on the desktop by selecting the appropriate option from the Status and Signature tab. *
  • The person responsible for a contract template now shows on the search listing (#32321)
  • Attachments can now be added to a comment round along with questions and answers about the attachment
  • Improvements to the phrase library list view
  • An alert is sent to the contract responsible when the contract has been approved after a workflow
  • The value field is not unlocked for active contracts
  • It is possible to add Contract party 1 information when importing contracts on file import
  • When a part of the contract or attachment includes classified data with a person ID, the argument box is locked and it contains the text passage of personal data law *
    * Related to an additional feature

The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

  • Corrected the language of the e-mail message generated by e-signature


7th June, 2018 The following new features were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract 

Changes in confidentiality settings

Adding confidentiality is done in the same way as before but there are more options where the user can mark information as confidential. When the confidentiality box is ticked, the user can select a reason from the phrase library or type/edit the reason in the text field. 

As a part of the update a possibility to set also terms and conditions and metadata as confidential has been added to the system. Metadata can be marked as containing confidential data by selecting the lock button under the text field. 

  • Terms and Conditions and metadata marked as confidential are highlighted on the user interface by applying a dark grey background and a padlock icon. A user who has only viewing rights (and is not therefore allowed to access protected content) will only see the reason for the confidentiality on the box. 
  • Information marked as confidential cannot be added to the commenting round or shown on the dashboard. 
  • if there has been information marked as confidential that is part of the contract document, it will be possible to access to different versions of the document: a ‘normal’ version that contains all the content and a public version that is redacted i.e. protected content is removed and the reason is displayed instead.

Advanced confidentiality personal data 

* Additional feature, available on order

Cloudia Contract now provides features that allow contract owners to protect targeted content from unauthorised access. Personal data can be classified and searched in the system, while reports contracts containing personal information can be exported on request.


  • Restrict access to specific elements of a contract, including individual clauses, attachments, signatures and more.
  • Record protected data extracted from attachment.
  • Generate reports to satisfy requests from individuals about personal data contained in contracts.
  • Provide redacted documents to share nonprotected content with relevant parties.

A reminder email about an open esignature *

Organisations using electronic signature can now remind signatories of a pending esignature request. The reminders can be switched on once the signature process has been started. If the reminders have been switched on the system will send a reminder email to the pending signatory once a day as long as he/she has done the electronic signature. 

Also the following new features were also installed as part of the update:

  • Possibility to add multi-line question fields regarding terms and conditions and metadata added to a comment round
  • Possibility to add an attachment to a comment round
  • Phrase search view improvement. When adding phrases from the library the search view will show phrases in phrasegroups
  • Possibility to bring a contract draft to a call for tender in correction * 
  • Default value to improted contract's visibility to be "for organization unit only" * additional feature available upon request
  • Name change for esignature confirmation document * 
  • Include "Contract party" in the contracts search view
  • Added the contract name and contracting parties names to the email message from esignature process *
  • Changed the Terms and conditions view so that the user can see the whole text marked in a locked Terms and conditions text field 
  • A possibility for root administrator to delete a locked segment from created contract

* Related to additional feature

The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Fixed the metadata listing on the contract excel report
  • Fixed the updating of supplier information from Procurement *
  • Fixed the possibility to edit the contract description for active contracts


  • Fixed the sort by alphabetically in the contracts search
  • Fixed the Contract folder description text design 


10th May, 2018 The following new features were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

Contract template responsible person
Contract templates now have a responsible person in a way that is similar to how contracts are handled. The reason is so it is possible to know who is responsible for a template. By default the person who creates the template will be made as the responsible person. This is a mandatory field but can be modified by those with rights to create/modify templates.

Comment round settings
It is now possible to adjust the settings for comment rounds, even if the round is active or has been closed. Once the comment round has been started, persons can be added or removed from the comment round. Alerts and emails will be sent informing of any changes made to the commenting round. Also now it is possible to modify the period in which the comment round is open (i.e. extended or reduced). In addition comment rounds that were previously close can be reopened. When reopening the comment round, remember to explicitly start the commenting process again. 

Signature status

When opening the contract for viewing a new section "Status and signature" has been added. Now the read-only users are able to see the e-signature status. 

Contract settings menu

In the contract settings menu the Metadata and Terms and conditions now have their own individual options. Previously these choices were under the same option: Contract records. 

Contract template previews

When choosing contract templates, you can now preview the template to ensure it is the correct one before beginning to build the contract. When choosing the template from the list, hovering over the template name will give a tooltip showing the description of the template. After the template has been selected, the option to preview the selected template will appear showing the PDF version of the template.

The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Fixed contract editing rights. Editing rights are given automatically to the viceresponsible of the contract.  Previously the editing rights relied on the editing rights created when the contract was saved for the first time. 
  • When adding a Terms and Conditions which has been set as unchangeable to the contract template, the tickbox "set content as unchangable" will no longer be shown on the contract template
  • Fixed the contract folder name -field. The contract folder name was wipes clean if the user switches tabs without saving.
  • Added a possibility to add several phrases to new a Terms and conditions default content.
  • Fixed the possibility to add tender documents from Sourcing * related to an additional feature


  • Fixed the contract search when the "group by contract folder" has been selected. 


12th April, 2018 The following new features were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

* Additional feature, available upon request
The purpose of this feature is to enable an approval workflow to be performed in contract management. A workflow process is linked to the state of a contract, which means that the contract cannot be made active without certain approval steps being complete first.

This gives users control, ensures a level of quality and supports the creation of authorised documents in the contracting process. Workflows are attached to contract types (since a type must be always selected when creating a contract) and can be added from within the contract type creation/editing window. Feature instructions will be released during week 16.

Contract initialisation
The creation of a new contracts has been updated with some small changes to the initialisation process. The system will now indicate more clearly which mandatory data is missing. If the user does not enter mandatory information, prior to saving, the system will highlight the missing information in red.

The contract may only be saved when all of the required information has been provided. The contract may have mandatory metadata and contract segments defined, in which case you will have to process them before the contract can be saved. The system will highlight the missing sections in red.

Changes to confidentiality

The contract document, segments and its attachments can be set as confidential. Now you can write the reason for the confidentiality directly in a free text field or add it from the phrase library. Confidentiality settings are done within the window and longer in the form of a pop-up.

Content preview
When you are adding terms and conditions or metadata to a contract from the library, a preview has been added so it is easier to see which data is the correct one. When opening the library view, hold the mouse over the correct terms and condition/metadata and the default content will show up. In the cases of metadata and contract segments, the preview will be shown if the language used for the data object is the same as the language setting of the UI.

The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Two people cannot edit the same contract
  • The contract search for "option in use" will now search only the contracts which have the option period active. 
  • When creating a new contract and using the “Select from contracts” -function, the “contract description” and “reference number” fields will now also be copied to the new contract. 
  • Some improvements to the table type terms and conditions has been added 
  • Added the headers for terms and conditions when using English as a language on a new contract 
  • Fixed the possibility to add tender and procurement documents to a contract from Cloudia Sourcing * 
  • Fixed the language of the esignature email * (#30309) 
  • Added the contracts with an option period to the unreported commission sales view * 
  • It is now possible to link a tender also to a brought contract. The contract must be linked to a contract folder which has been created through the integration in Cloudia Tendering *

* Related to additional feature


  • Fixed the "show more" -link on the contract search 


15th March, 2018 The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Alerts: The purpose of the alerts feature is to enable a user to view key events that occur when using Contract. An alert is something that is generated automatically by the system for the same reason than email would be sent to a user. The emails will still be generated normally, but in addition the alert will show up in the system. A user’s alerts can be accessed from the bell icon on the home screen or from the taskbar at the top of the application. A more detailed description of the functionality can be found from the article home page and alerts

  • Only admin or the person responsible for a contract (including those who are vice responsible) can check tasks as being complete.
  • You can add links and files to a contract. These links and files will show up on the right side of the contract information page. Now the link’s address (URL) will be shown as a tool tip when a user performs a mouseover on top of the link name. 
  • The contract folder name has been added to the information shown when expanding the contract details on the search results list. 
  • Automatic reply from completed E-signing now tells the name of the contract *part of e-signature feature
  • Contract history - Commission history -section has been fixed 

* Related to additional feature

Cloudia Dashboard

  • It is now possible to show contracts in all states (apart from those ‘In progress’) on the Dashboard. Currently, only active contracts are listed there but it is now possible to add (amongst others) terminated or expired contracts too. If you are interested in this feature, please contact Cloudia Support *additional feature


26th Feb, 2018 The following fixes were installed as part of the update:

Cloudia Contract

  • Bell icon was replaced by a bull horn on the contract information page
  • Added the option period information to show up on the pdf-file. Previously the option period needed to be active in order to show up on the pdf-file.