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When can organisations share contract templates?

Sharing contract templates requires that a trust relationship is created between the organisations. A trust relationship is added by Cloudia. A request for adding a trust relationship must always be submitted to Cloudia in writing by all the organisations concerned.

Who is entitled to share contract templates?

  • No separate role is required for sharing a contract, the only prerequisite is that a trust relationship has been defined between the organisations (from where and to where will the sharing take place). Those entitled to share contracts include administrators and the unit administrator.

Sharing a contract template 

  • The sharing of a contract template takes place in the edit contract template mode. Select the desired contract template and click ‘Edit’ at the end of the line.

To share the contract template, click ‘Share contract template’ under ‘Sharing’.

  • Enter the e-mail address (the user concerned must have a Cloudia Contract user account) 

  • Click ‘Share contract template’. 

Accepting a contract template 

  • At the receiving organisation/unit, the contract template is displayed in the contract template library under ‘Shared contract templates’. 

    • Click the button to open a list of contract templates shared with the organisations concerned. 

    • Click the desired contract template line to show the details of the template concerned. 

      • Click ‘Accept’ to transfer the template to your contract template library. 

      • Click ‘Reject’ to delete the contract template from the list.