Search feature

By default, users will see all contracts to which they have been assigned reading privileges. Searches can be saved as a default search using the ‘Search settings’ feature.

Keyword search targets the search to the following fields:

  • Contract name
  • Contract description
  • Reference number
  • Contract number
  • Contract identifier
  • Contract parties (name, ID, address)
  • Persons in charge of the contract and their deputies (name, username)
  • Products (product group name, product name, product metadata)
  • Signatories (name, title)
  • E-signature signatories (organisation/company name, e-mail) (NOTE: this only concerns information that has been entered)
  • Contract segments and metadata (name, title (if set), information content)

Click ‘My contracts’ to search for your contracts

Click ‘Advanced search’ to enter additional search conditions

  • Contract folder
  • Contract group
  • Contract party 1
  • Contract party 2
  • Contract period
  • Contract type
  • Deputy person in charge
  • Estimated value
  • Internal contract
  • Language
  • Metadata
  • Option in use
  • Option period
  • Organisation unit
  • Person in charge
  • Product
  • Reading rights for all (only admin)
  • Status
  • Signature date
  • Signature Type
  • Terms and conditions

Select the data you want to use for filtering, enter the necessary metadata and click ‘Search’ to execute the search.

Click ‘Clear’ to clear the search you executed. The system will then re-list all contracts you are entitled to view.

Save a search

Click ‘Search settings’ to save your search.

  • Save as
    • Enter a name for the search

The saved searches can be found under ‘Search settings’ -> ‘’Saved searches’.

Inverted search

When inverting a search the result will show the opposite of the options selected in the search pane i.e. it returns all the contracts without the defined properties.

Examples on how to use the inverted search: 

1. Scenario: you want to find all the contracts that do not belong to a Cloudia admin account.

  • Click the ‘invert search’ option, the search will now return all contracts were the owner of the contract is not the Cloudia admin account.

2. Scenario: you want to find contracts that are missing a certain metadata.

  • Pressing the invert search button will return all those contracts that do not have this metadata.