You may reset your forgotten password using the ‘Forgot your password?’ function.

Click ‘Forgot your password?’

  • In the resulting window, enter your username (e-mail address)
  • Click ‘Submit’

  • You will then receive a confirmation that an e-mail has been send, advising you to follow the instruction given in the e-mail.

Proceed to set new password

After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation of your password renewal request in your e-mail. Use the enclosed link to renew the password.

Note! The link is only valid for a limited period of time, and if it is not used within that period, you will need to repeat the ‘Forgotten password’ operation from the beginning

  • Click the link in the e-mail and proceed to setting your new password
  • If the recipient’s e-mail client removes the hyperlink from the message, copy and paste the link to the browser’s address bar.

Set a new password

  • Enter your username (e-mail address)
  • Click ‘Continue’

  • Enter your new password, and then your new password again

Note! If the passwords do not match, the field will change to red and the data may not be saved

  • Click ‘Save’
  • After saving, you will receive a confirmation message: “Password changed successfully”
  • Click ‘Go to login’