Cloudia Dashboard is a browser-based contract tool that provides the contract users of an organisation with access to the contracts used by the organisation. Cloudia Dashboard operates seamless with Cloudia Contract.

Cloudia Dashboard is intended for sharing and communicating information about contracts within an organisation. The persons in charge of Cloudia Contract may choose to publish contracts to Cloudia Dashboard to allow other contract users in the organisation to view the published contracts.

Cloudia Dashboard serves as an effective tool for preventing unauthorised purchases and for reducing the amount of work used for finding contracts within the organisation. With Cloudia Contract, the persons in charge in the organisation may define and specify in detail which contracts should be used within the organisation and publish these contracts in the Cloudia Dashboard. This way, the contract users in the organisation are made aware of the contracts and may utilise them in their own work. This, in turn, makes it possible to clarify contract management in the organisation and to make processes transparent for the entire personnel working with contracts.

There is also a dashboard view available where you can see at a glance the status of your contracts, the people in charge of your contracts, what kind of active claim notifications your contracts involve, and what you need to remember relating to your contracts. The view combines all relevant information pertaining to your contracts in a single view – graphically and simply presented. 

(*Functionality subject to an additional charge)

Open the Cloudia Dashboard

As a contract user, you will not need any separate login to browse the contracts of your organisation if you have logged in to the network of your organisation using Active Directory (AD) authentication.

NOTE! Active Directory (AD) login is not possible for all users.

Logging in using AD authentication:

  • To browse for contracts, open the Dashboard of your organisation at
  • Select your organisation from the ‘Login with ADFS’ list and log in following the AD authentication procedure

Logging in with User Management credentials:

  • Enter your user name and password and click ‘Log In’

If you are a Cloudia Contract administrator, you can also access Dashboard from within Cloudia Contract.

Supported browsers for the Cloudia Dashboard: Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer), Google Chrome or Firefox. Note that you must have pop-ups and JavaScript enabled in your browser.

See also: Technical requirements

Click here for instructions on how to use the Dashboard.