User Management is used for creating a foundation for appropriate and data secure use of Cloudia applications. This is to ensure that the correct Information is available to the correct users and that these users may perform the allowed actions. 


The structure of User Management consists of the following sections: 

  • My profile 

    • Basic information and editing basic information 

    • Changing of password 

    • Contact details of the administrators in your own organisation 

    • Information about the organisation unit your username is linked to 

    • Roles and user groups your username has been assigned to 

  • User Management 

    • What the organisation structure used is like (units and subunits) 

    • Contact details of each unit and sub-unit 

    • Who the users of the services are 

    • What the user name of each user is 

    • Which part (unit) of the organisation the user belongs to 

    • The users’ roles, i.e. which functions the user is allowed to use in each application 

    • Group users into user groups to expedite the process of assigning user rights (Cloudia Contract) 

    • Changing or resetting the password of another user if the password has been forgotten 

  • Contract management settings 

    • Roles 

    • Contact information 

    • Groups 

  • Information and settings 

    • Editing the information and settings of the organisation 

    • Applications ordered by the organisation 


FIGURE: The ‘My profile’ page is displayed on the User Management home page