To view contract folders, click ‘Search’ from the top navigation and then ‘Contract folders’.

The view lists the contract folders saved in Cloudia Contract to which the logged in user has reading privileges. The listed contract folders may be in progress or active. The actions enabled for contract folders depend on the user’s privileges and the editing privileges defined for the folders.

Viewing and editing contract folders

Click the icon of the selected contract folder line (three horizontal lines). A menu is displayed containing the options ‘View’, ‘Create contract’ and ‘Edit’ for contract folders that are active, and the options ‘View’, ‘Create contract’, ‘Edit’ and ‘Remove’ for contract folders that are in progress. If the user has not been assigned editing privileges to the contract folder concerned, the user may only view the contract folder details. The organisation level administrator may edit the created contract folders even if the user privileges were restricted. Unit administrators will also be able to always edit the contract folders of their respective unit.

View created contract folders

The contract folders are listed under ‘Contracts search’ -> ‘Contract folder’. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Rearrange’:

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first


Listing of contract folders:


View contract folder 


  • A view listing the contract folder is displayed
    • Basic information 
    • Metadata 
    • Contracts 
    • Value 
    • Notifications 

Basic information:


  • Contract folder name
  • Contract folder description
  • Contract folder period
  • Tendering identifier 
  • Tendering name 
  • Reference number 
  • Contract folder number
  • Contract folder identifier
  • Contract type 
  • Contract folder status
  • Organisation unit 
  • Person in charge of contract folder
  • Select deputy person(s) in charge



  • The view lists the contract folder metadata



  • The view lists the contract folder contracts 
  • You may view the contracts individually and, depending on your user privileges, to following contract actions will be displayed:
    • View 
    • Edit
    • Add contract to contract cart
    • Create subcontract
    • Import subcontract
    • Create notification
    • Copy as template
    • Remove

                    * Additional functionality


  • Displays the data defined as the contract folder value


  • The view lists the contract folder notifications


Create contract folder notification


  • Enter a title for the notification


  • Move the services to which you want to publish the notification into the ‘Chosen services’ box 
  • The Desktop is an interface for Contract Users 

        * Additional functionality


  • In progress 
  • Active 
  • Closed 
  • Archived



Publication period: 

  • Define the publication period 


  • Enter content for the notification 

Click ‘Save’



Edit contract folder

  • Contract folders may be edited subject to certain restrictions
  • The contract case status (‘In progress’ or ‘Active’) determines which editing actions are permitted. The user privileges assigned for the logged in user will also determine what kind of changes the user is allowed to make. The impact of the standard user privileges used in the system on which contract case items can be edited is described in the Annex


Detailed instructions for editing a contract case can be found here.


Import contract


Create contract 


Delete a contract folder 

  • Click ‘Remove’
  • A pop-up window is displayed. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm or ‘No’ to cancel the deletion


Search features 


Search for contract folders:

  • By default, contract folders will be listed
  • The search can be narrowed down by
    • Keyword 
    • My contract folders 
    • Organisation unit 
    • Contract types 
    • Contract folder period
    • Person in charge 
    • Metadata


Saved search: 

Save as:

  • Click ‘Search settings’ -> ‘Save as’
    • Enter a name and description for the search 
    • Shared description


  • Click ‘Search settings’ - > ‘Saved searches’ 
    • Select the search you want to use from the list 
    • Click the star button to set the search as default


Clearing the search:


To clear the search you have carried out, click ‘Search settings’ -> ‘Clear’ 

  • Use the options in the top-right corner of the search results list to arrange the list the way you want 
  • You may choose to display the (main) contracts contained in each contract folder, as well as any subcontracts under the main contracts