Enter a desired number of contract cases/contracts complete with their basic information on a fixed-form Excel file.

1) Fill out the fixed-form Excel file and upload it to the system

2) Add the contract documents

  • Contract document*
  • Contract attachments
  • Other attachments

3) Import the contracts

NOTE! This option will not be displayed if no mass import tool has been linked to the contract management system of your organisation or your user privileges do not allow you to import contracts. 

To mass import contracts, click ‘New contract’ from the top navigation and then ‘Import contracts (file import)’.

Mass import template details

You may fill out the following details in the uploadable Excel file (columns A-R):

  • Contract case number
    • The number must match with the number of the newly initiated contract case
  • Contract type
    • The contract case must match with the contract types found from the system. The type name must be entered in the import Excel in the same format as the type name set up in the system
  • Contract
  • Contract number
  • Reference number
  • Contract description
  • Contract party A name
  • Contract party A identifier
  • Contract party As address
  • Contract party B name
  • Contract party B identifier
  • Contract party Bs address
  • Contract period start date
  • Contract period end date
  • Option period start date
  • Option period end date
  • Contract status
  • Contract group
  • Internal contract
  • Publish to desktop
  • Contract value

Additional information (metadata) (column S ->)

From column S onwards, you may add additional information (metadata) by entering the metadata name on the header row (1st row) and value(s) on the rows below.

  • The metadata to be imported must match with the metadata already set up in the contract record library of the system.
  • The metadata to be added to the contracts using the import Excel must be written in the same format as the metadata set up in the system

Download import template

  • Choose the import template
    • You may choose .xls for Office 97-2003 or .xlsx for newer Office versions
    • Click the download icon to download the Excel file to your computer

Upload import file

  • Fill out the necessary details and click ‘Upload import file’ to upload the Excel file
  • Click to select files from your computer
  • When the files are displayed in the ‘File upload’ window, click ‘Close’
  • You may also drag and drop the file to the upload window
  • Importable contracts
  • Attach a contract document to complete the import. You can edit the rows by clicking on them
  • Upload contract attachments
  • Contract document*
  • Contract attachments
  • Other attachments
  • Click ‘Import contract’. The contract is then generated automatically

NOTE! The actual import of the contract and its accompanying information takes place when the contract document is uploaded. When the contract has been successfully uploaded, any changes must be made separately for each contract following the normal contract editing process.



If the data in the mass import template is incorrect


  • If the file contains data that does not match with the data in the system (e.g. incorrect contract type), mass import will not succeed
  • To download the import errors as an Excel file, click the ‘Download as Excel file’ button. The file will be downloaded on your computer
  • You can then make the necessary corrections in the Excel file and upload it as an import file again

Note the following concerning the actions carried out after mass import


  • Any further editing of the imported contracts is carried out through the system on a contract-by-contract basis. 
  • The unit of the user who carried out the import will be automatically added as the unit that owns the contract
  • The user who carried out the import will be automatically added as the person in charge of the contract
  • After the import, reading privileges to the imported contracts are automatically defined as ‘Every user in the organisation’
  • Editing privileges to the imported contracts are automatically assigned to the unit that carried out the import and its person in charge of contract, and the ‘Permissions inherited to subunits’ box is checked by default
  • The type and contract case-specific inherited metadata set in Contract Management are automatically populated to the imported contracts, including forced selections. Any metadata inherited to all contracts will also be automatically populated to the imported contracts
  • Contracts will not be published automatically when contracts are imported to the Dashboard