Creating and working with a file library

To view the file library, click the ‘Contract settings’ section in the top navigation and then ‘File library’.

Adding a new file

Add a new document to the file: 

Select files from your desktop or drag files to window.


View documents


The details are listed under ‘Contract settings” -> ‘File library’. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Rearrange’. 

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first


File preview


Select a file and click ‘Click to view’. The file will be saved to your desktop.


Editing file metadata:

The edit feature allows you to define basic data, metadata and permissions for the file. Select a file and click ‘Edit additional info’.

  • Given name
  • Description
    • Edit the desired sections and click ‘Save’ or click ‘Metadata’ to add metadata



  • Add user
    • Click ‘Add user’ to add individual users. Select the correct user from the resulting window and click ‘Select’ 
  • Add organisation unit
    • Click ‘Add organisation unit’ to add an organisation unit. Select the relevant organisation units from the list and click ‘Select’ 
  • Add user group
    • Click ‘Add user group’ to add a user group. Select the relevant user groups and click 'Select’


Click ‘Add organisation unit’ or ‘Add user group’ to add an organisation unit or a user group. Select the relevant organisation unit/group from the list and click ‘Select’ 

  • Permissions inherited to subunits
    • If this option is selected, permissions will be inherited to subunits 

To delete user privileges from the contract template, click the red cross after the name.


Removing a file


Click ‘Remove’ from the menu. 

  • Are you sure you want to remove the selected item?
    • OK
    • Cancel


Search for files


Use the search feature to search for uploaded files.