Creating and working with contract templates

To view contract templates, click the ‘Contract settings’ section in the top navigation and then ‘Contract template’.

Create a new contract template


A new contract template is created in three steps. 

  • The ‘Basic information’ section is for defining user settings for the contract template
  • The ‘Terms and conditions’ section is for defining content for the contract templates 
  • The ‘Document’ section is for defining a header and footer for the contract template


Click ‘Create a new contract template’:


Contract template basic information


Create basic information for the contract template

  • Enter a name for the contract template


  • Enter a description for the contract template



Attachments to contracts and other attachments: 

  • Add folder
    • New folder to attachments can be named
  • Add document
    • The file upload window is displayed 
      • Select files from your computer by dragging file to window or click the box
  • Add document from library
    • The ‘Add document from library’ window is displayed 
      • The list displays the documents saved in the library 
      • Select the desired files and click ‘Select’


Click ‘Force to contract’ to define the attachment mandatory for the contract. In this case, when the contract template is used, the attachment will be added as mandatory to the contract and cannot be deleted in the edit view. Click the red cross to delete the attachment.

Choose the person who is in charge of the template: 


User privileges to the contract template can be separately defined. This makes it possible to define who can view and use the contract template. If no restrictions are defined, the template will be available to all users in the organisation. Privileges can be added separately for a specific user/organisation/user group.

  • Add user:
    • Click ‘Add user’ to add individual users. Select the correct user from the resulting window and click 'Select’ 
  • Add organisation unit:
    • Click ‘Add organisation unit’ to add an organisation unit. Select the relevant organisation units from the list and click ‘Select’ 
  • Add user group:
    • Click ‘Add user group’ to add a user group. Select the relevant user groups and click ‘Select’ 


Click ‘Add organisation unit’ or ‘Add user group’ to add an organisation unit or a user group. Select the relevant organisation unit/group from the list and click ‘Add’


  • Permissions inherited to subunits
    • If this option is selected, permissions will be inherited to subunits

  To delete user privileges from the contract template, click the red cross after the name


Click ‘Add contract type’ to select a contract type. Select the desired contract type from the resulting list and click ‘Select’


Terms and conditions

Add terms and conditions:  

  • Use the view to select the desired terms and conditions for the contract
  • To select terms and conditions, activate them and click ‘Add’ to add your selections or ‘Cancel’ to exit the view
  • Use the data type or a keyword to filter the terms and conditions displayed in the view


Create new terms and conditions:  

  • You may create a new terms and conditions in the view (see terms and conditions)

The added terms and conditions includes the following functionalities: 

  • Edit content:
    • If the content was not locked when the terms and conditions was created, the content can be edited 
  • Edit order
    • Click to activate the edit order view 
    • Use drag and drop to edit the order, and then click ‘Edit content’ to exit the edit view 
  • Inherit information
    • Inherit information from the terms and conditions 
    • If this option is deselected, the content may be edited (if not locked) 
  • Lock content
    • The terms and conditions may be locked for the contract template 
    • If the contract template is used as the basis of a new contract, the locked terms and conditions cannot be edited in the edit contract window 
  • Force to contract
    • The terms and conditions may be forced to the contract 
    • If the contract template is used as the basis of a new contract, only the root admin can delete the forced terms and conditions in the edit contract window 





The ‘Document’ section is used for defining settings for the document generated by the contract template.

Set additional fields

  • Add cover page
  • Add table of contents
  • Only show main headings
  • Contract attachments
    • Show contract attachments on the document
  • Contract period
    • Show the contract period defined in basic information in the contract document
  • Option period
    • Show the option periods defined in basic information in the contract document

Edit header and footer settings

  • Contract document header
    • Locked
    • Include date in header
    • Include date in header
    • Include contract identifier to header
  • Footer
    • Locked

Edit signer information

  • Contract document parties
  • Party 1
  • Party 2
  • Signature text
  • Placement of signatures

Download contract document

View the created contract templates


The details are listed under ‘Contract settings” -> ‘Contract templates’. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Rearrange’. 

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first  

Preview contract template

Template can be downloaded to PDF format and save to desktop.

Editing a contract template


Select a contract template from the list of contract templates and click ‘Edit’ The edit contract template window is displayed. Make the edits you want and click ‘Save’.

Removing a contract template

Click ‘Remove’ from the menu.

  • Are you sure you want to remove the selected item?
    • Yes
    • No

Search for contract templates

Use the search feature to search for previously created contract templates.