Creating and working with contract types

To view contract types, click the ‘Contract settings’ section in the top navigation and then ‘Contract types’. The contract types are listed in the resulting view.

Click the name of a contract type to open a view showing the sublevels of the contract type concerned. Below the sublevels, the sublevels of these contract types will be displayed, etc.

Add new contract type

Contract type parent:

Contract types may be linked as the sub-level or parent level of another contract type. To do this, add a parent level for the contract type created by clicking ‘Select upper level’. From the resulting window, select the desired contract type as the parent level and click ‘Add’.

Contract type name:

Add a name for the contract type.

Use in contract transfers

* additional feature

The item will appear in contract type creation if the organisation concerned has the contract sharing/transfer/copying feature enabled. 

Check the item if you want to use the contract type concerned in contract transfer. The contract type will be available for selection in contract transfer when contract are transferred to this organisation.


Add metadata for the contract type. If ‘Add to all new contracts when contract is created’ was selected when the metadata was created, the selected metadata will always be included in contracts linked to the contract type concerned

Click ‘Metadata’ and select the correct metadata from the resulting window. Click ‘Select’ to add the metadata. Click the red cross after the name to delete the metadata.

The click ‘Save’ to return to the contract type list or create milestones for the contract type.


Workflows can be attached to contract types and can be added from within the contract type creation/editing window. The workflows are tied to the state of a contract, which means that the contract cannot be made active without certain approval steps being complete first. The purpose of the workflow feature is to enable an approval workflow to be performed in the contract tool. This gives users control and insurers that a level of quality or authorisation can be achieved in the contracting process.

When creating a contract the user chooses a contract type with a workflow attached, the contract must be approved before the status of the contract can be changed to active. The approver will receive a approval request by email. NOTE! The approver must also have user rights to Cloudia Contract.

Choose the "Workflow" -tab and choose desired workflow

  • External finalising of contract document enabled
    • Used for finalising a contract document outside the system. At the finalisation stage, the contract will be locked and only set as active when the finalised contract is imported back to the system.

  • Approval process enabled
    • Used in situations where the approval of one or more persons is required to set the contract as active.
    • Force an approval request for all approvers in the list
      • The option allows the person creating the workflow to add a list of approvers. The user who eventually creates the contract using this contract type cannot make any changes to this list. 
    • Allow the user to select approver(s) from the list
      • The option allows the person creating the workflow to add a list of potential approvers, from which the user creating the contract can select the approver. 
    • Allow the user to select approver(s) freely
      • The option allows the user who is creating the contract to select their own approver.


You may also define milestones for a contract type. Click the ‘Milestones’ tab to create a new milestone or add milestone from the library. The added milestones will also be inherited to the contracts of the contract type concerned.

More detailed instructions for creating Milestones can be found here.

View created contract types


The details are listed under ‘Contract settings” -> ‘Contract types’. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Rearrange’. 

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first



Editing a contract type


Select a contract type from the list of contract types and click ‘Edit’. The edit contract type window is displayed. Make the edits you want and click ‘Save’.


Creating subtypes


If subtypes have been created for the contract type, they will be listed to pop-up window when you click 'View'. To add a subtype for a contract type or subtype, click ‘Create subtype’. The ‘Add new subtype’ window is displayed.

Click ‘Create subtype’. A window similar to that shown when a new contract type is created is displayed. Fill out the necessary details and save the contract subtype.


Removing a contract type

Click ‘Remove’ from the menu.

  • Are you sure you want to remove the selected item?
    • OK
    • Cancel

Search for contract types

Use the search feature to search for previously created contract types. Use keywords to narrow down your search.