Creating and working with Terms and conditions

To view terms and conditions, click ‘Contract settings’ from the top navigation and then ‘Terms and conditions’.

Create new terms and conditions

Click ‘Create new terms and conditions’.

Organisation unit:

Select the organisation unit whose contracts you want the use the new terms and conditions for.

Data type:

  • Single-line text field – you may enter one line of text
  • Multi-line text field – you may enter a longer text that will be wrapped over several lines
  • Price – enter the price information
  • Price range – enter a price range in the two fields
  • Numeric value – enter a numerical value other than price, e.g. payment term
  • Numeric range – enter a numerical range in the two fields
  • Date – enter a date
  • Date range – enter a date range, e.g. lease period
  • Value list – define a menu from which the user will be able to choose one option
  • Value list multiple choice – define a menu from which the user will be able to choose one or several options
  • Table - data can be entered in tabular format
  • Picture - upload a picture file


Select the language on which you want to create the terms and conditions by clicking the desired language to activate it. To select several languages, hold down the Ctrl key and click the desired languages. The available languages are:

  • Finnish
  • English
  • Swedish


  • Enter a name in the ‘Name’ field. This needs to be repeated for each language you selected.

Default content:

Where applicable, enter a predefined content for terms and conditions in the ‘Default content’ field.

  • Click ‘Add from phrase library’ to import the default content from the phrase library
    • From the pop-up window displayed, select the appropriate phrases as the default content


Define the number of columns and rows you want to include in the table:

Under ‘Header row on top’, you may define a darker header row for the table included in the document:


An image is uploaded from your own computer/network drive under "Upload image". When the image has been uploaded, its size can be scaled by drawing the line to another direction.


* additional functionality 

Write instructions on using the terms and conditions concerned for the creator of the contract. The instructions will be displayed to the user when the terms and conditions concerned are selected and filled out:

Click ‘Save’ to save the new terms and conditions.

View created terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are listed under ‘Contract settings” -> ‘terms and conditions’. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Rearrange’:

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first

The list of terms and conditions shows the unit or organisation level the terms and conditions was set up for.

You may also search terms and conditions from 'Search records' by name and data type.

Editing terms and conditions

Select a terms and conditions from the list and click ‘Edit’. The edit view is displayed. Edit the desired fields and click ‘Save’.

NOTE! If you edit or delete any terms and conditions, the changes will not affect the contract segments previously used in contracts. 


Removing terms and conditions

Click ‘Remove’ from the menu. 

  • Are you sure you want to remove the selected item? 
    • Ok
    • Cancel