To view claims and claim proposals, click ‘Contracts search’ from the top navigation and then ‘Claims’.

New claim

For instructions on how to create a new claim, see ‘Contracts’ -> Create a claim’.

View claims

The contract segments are listed under ‘Contracts search’ -> ‘Claims’ The sorting order may be changed under ‘Sort’:

  • Alphabetically (A-Z)
  • Alphabetically (Z-A)
  • Newest first
  • Oldest first
  • Last modified first

You may view or edit claims from the contract segment listing.

Viewing a claim

The claim information page displays a summary of claim basic data, claim target and history details.

Editing a claim

A claim may be edited subject to certain limitations. The status of the claim and the privileges assigned to the user name and organisation concerned will determine what kind of changes can be made.

  • Click ‘Edit’
  • Make the necessary changes in the edit claim view.

Search features

Searching for revision proposals

  • By default, all revision proposals will be listed 
  • The search can be narrowed down
    • Claim contract
    • Claim type
    • Claim status
    • Claim target
    • Claim source (person)
    • Claim source (organisation)
    • Claim source (email)