Users may create and manage the task list library of their organisation. You may set up a desired number of monitoring steps complete with time limits to monitor the progress and implementation of a contract-related matter within your own organisation or with other parties. A monitoring object library allows an organisation to provide all those working with contracts with a set of pre-defined, correct and proven monitoring templates that can be used for contacts.

To view the task lists, click ‘Monitoring’ from the top navigation and then ‘task list’. The task lists are listed on the page in an alphabetical order. The sorting order may be changed under ‘Sort’.

Show the task lists that are targeted to a user

  • The listing will only display the task lists that are targeted to a user

Browsing the task lists:

  • Click the name of a task list to view its details
  • Click ‘Open contract’ to enter the info page of the contract to which the opened task list has been linked
  • Click the name of the task list again to close the details

Search feature

Use the search feature to search for previously created task list. Use keywords to narrow down your search. You may run searches on a one-off basis or save them for future use. To re-run a previously saved search, click ‘Use a saved search’.